iPhone Trade-Ins Double With Samsung Galaxy S4’s Launch

Just after Samsung announced its new Galaxy S4, many were planning to sell out their current smartphones in favor of purchasing its upcoming release. Today, it looks like many have already done the work.

Although, it has the Galaxy S4 have the hype and seamlessly many of them will upgrade to it, because it has a quad-core processor with a 2GB of RAM and undenyable features like S Translate, 13-megapixel camera (rear) and a front facing 2MP snapper, Shout and Shot, Dual-shot and many more ….!

According to SellCell.com, the iPhone trade-ins gone up to 194 percent in the month leading up to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 introduced when compared to the month prior to the company’s Galaxy S III (S3) launch.


Based on feedback from our partners and the news of several big product launches from HTC, BlackBerry and now Samsung, we get the feeling that the luster of the iPhone line for Apple fans may be waning a bit,” says SellCell’s managing director Colin White. “Our data bears this out as more people trade-in and search for iPhone quotes on the site than other product lines, an effect that we believe is from the introduction of new smartphones and features that iPhones don’t have.

However, we’re sure there were a good majority of you who were already planning to trade in their now owning smartphones in preparation of the forthcoming release. But its unfair trading in your gadget a month prior to the announcement of a device, which seems a little extreme to us. This won’t be the first time scheduling a number of gadgets to be traded in before its unveiled since their price drops after the announcement is made. Just like upgrading from your iPad 3rd-generation to the fourth-gen iPad.

Trading in your device a month before a new device launch points a lot about the latest gadget, it will be interesting to see these numbers a month from now. Stay tuned!