iPhone 6 Plus Encounter Another Bendgate Test To Prove It Wasn’t Fake

#Trending topic this week in social media and all over the Web was about the iPhone 6 Plus reportedly prone to bending, with the creation becoming informally known as #Bendgate on Twitter and Facebook and even in mainstream media. Apart that, the controversy was kickstarted by an YouTube video by Unbox Theropy, showcased how an iPhone 6 Plus bending.

image-iPhone-6-bend-testCountering that, many called out for inaccuracies. Aiming to prove that the conspiracy theories are unite, he once gain stands on the street at Younge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto, Canada to bend yet another 6 Plus on camera in uncut manner. Now that, it got multiple witnesses for the recording video while he attempts to prove that bending the iPhone 6 Plus is very possible without using a lot of force.

He also concludes while showing that,

The new Moto X cannot be bent when put under a similar amount of force with his hands. But that doesn’t mean the iPhone is the only smartphone susceptible to bending. Aluminum is a highly malleable material, and it will bend under enough pressure.

Here’s how it bends and let you decide what to make of this second uncut video showing an iPhone 6 Plus being bent:

That’s it! When watching this video – it shows that the iPhone 6 Plus can indeed bendable with your bare hands and there’s no doubt it wins the bendgate test.

Notably, Apple is all set to replace bent units following a Visual Mechanism Inspection and in the counter fire, they said they have only received 9 incidents of users that have bent their new 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

Showing off a video of – the iPhone 6 Plus Vs. Galaxy Note 3 Vs. iPhone 5 bend test [below]

iPhone-6-Bend-Test-ScientificNote: An aluminum smartphone is going to bend under enough pressure, even it could be an iPhone or the latest flagship Android phablet. This scientific bending test video presented by uBreakiFix that applies up to 100 pounds of force to an iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5.

Results showing the Galaxy Note 3 actually bends more – 4.5mm – when force applied to it, but largely returns back to regular form when the pressure is taken off. Good! Further, the iPhone 6 Plus bent 3.25mm under 100 pounds of force and remained curved because of its aluminum chassis of the device is less elastic. While the iPhone 5 bent to least at just 1.25mm, likely because the smartphone has thicker and smaller chassis on both the sides.

The conclusion here is that the iPhone 6 Plus is more susceptible to bending that other smartphones, and the only reason behind this is its built with an anodized aluminum design. In order to protect your iPhone 6 Plus regarding bendgate, it’s highly recommended to avoid sitting on it or placing it in a tight pocket in which a lot of force could be applied to pressure points.