iPhone 6 Gets A Video Review Ahead Of Apple’s Official Announcement On Tuesday

No more delay and no more talk about rumors and speculation about the new iPhone 6, which will be online on Tuesday – the September 9. Before that we here got a 7-minute video review of the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6. This new video emerged online that claims itself as the first real visual review of Apple’s 4.7-inch smartphone.

17The reviewer in the video clip is holding both the unannounced iPhone 6 as well as the current iPhone 5s. There is an immediate visual distinction between the two devices, with the purported iPhone 6 having a noticeably larger display and gets a thinner profile and external shell as though.

The traditional home button featuring an underlying Touch ID sensor is present and the top-mounted hardware lock button also appears that places into standby, alongside he also showcased the Lightning cable connection, the side mounted volume buttons et al. Seeing all these it pretends like its a genuine offering.

Facts: the individual reviewing the video claims that the iPhone 6 is noticeably faster than it’s predecessor and also lighter than the 5s and one part of the phone that definitely slip opening is the rear camera module, where the lens is sure to ruffle a few features.

(via NoWhereElse)

The 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Run Landscape Apps With iPad-Like UI

The site claims that the rumored 5.5-inch iPhone 6 might run certain apps in landscape mode for a dual-pane interface similar to the iPad, while portrait mode is unlikely to change.

The report cites developer Steven Troughton-Smith who modified the iOS simulator to run at 736×414 points which gives 828×1472 pixels resolution at ‘2X’ pixel-doubling, and 1242×2208 at (3X) pixel-tripling. Notably, the screen resolution of 828×1472 pixels for the next-generation iPhone 6 was tipped previously via iOS 8 files inside both the Xcode 6 beta 5 and the Xcode 6 beta 6 SDKs.


The screenshots provided by the developer show the purported iPhone 6 5.5-inch model running calendar app in an iPad-like interface. It was further clarified in the report that though iOS simulator was unable to run any other apps on the device with an interface similar to the iPad, Apple will probably optimize the some interfaces for the larger (5.5-inch) iPhone model.