This iPhone 6 Concept With 4.5-inch Display Features No Home Button [VIDEO]

Upcoming is far away but this beautiful rendering of a concept of the future Apple’s iPhone 6 should look based on what actually the designer has released. Showing off a video, the designer Ran Anvi has outed a clip which looks a lot similar to what the Cupertino’s iPhone 5 is. Although the screen has been stretched from 4-inches to 4.5″. Lot more to reveal after the jump!

However we are fast approaching that time of the year again when the original public starts to wonder when Apple will unveil the new iPhone, and the industry analysts begin sharing their predictions on what the new iOS based hardware will actually look like when its released. The iPhone 5S was rumored over the last few months, and the potential of an 5S being announced during this years Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco. Also speculated that suggesting the new iPhone could come in two different screen sizes to appease those customers looking to get their hands on a 4.5-inch device.


Designer Ran Anvi has not only shared his personal thought on the design direction that he thinks Apple will take this year, but also gone to the lengths of producing a rather elegant and sleek looking concept that he particularly feels would make a successful piece of kit for Apple in 2013. Though the concept is built around the same form factor that was introduced with the iPhone 5 in the final quarter of last year, but with some notable changes that really make it stand out from the competition.

Instead of sticking with the already introduced 4-inch display with the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch, Anvi has extended the screen size and included a 4.5″ Retina display on his concept. It’s thinner with a smaller body than the iPhone 5 as the removal of the home button allows him to add extra real estate to the screen and make the overall phone smaller.

The home button of the concept design of the device has been removed entirely by the designer with no additional information on how users would exit out of apps without the hardware based button to interact with, however it looks like he confront iOS 7 introducing gesture based actions for this to visualize. Interesting to see a concept designer imagining the iPhone 6 without a home button, especially when analysts are suggesting that the killer feature on any new iPhone could be fingerprint detection below the home button.

With a low-cost version of Apple iPhone, said to be coming to capture the market share, which is expected to launch in July according to the speculation. Only time will tell what Apple will actually have in store for the seventh-generation iPhone. Watch the coolest video of this latest concept and comment your thoughts about the seventh-gen iPhone below.

(via: iClarified)