iPhone 5C launch Will Reportedly Replace iPhone 5, Analysts Says!

Exceptional! According to the analysts Apple will be ditching iPhone 5 in favor of iPhone 5C; but iPhone 4S to saty a little longer. Countdown begins until September 10th’s all-but confirmed unveiling of the next new iPhone. Follows with a titbit from the courtesy of KGI Securities’ resident Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo. Claiming that all expected iPhone 5S would retail alongside the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C as three options available to attract consumers, but now Apple is rumored to replace the current iPhone 5 completely.

Kuo belives that the iPhone 5C will be priced between $400 and $500 respectively, which either way makes it a mid-tier handset rather than cheaper. As well as noting that the iPhone 5 will be discountinued from the end of Q3, but keep the iPhone 4S running momentarily as the third-in-command to the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The i4S is believed, will be shipped until at least the end of the year.


The analyst is also expecting Apple will axe the iPhone 4 because its hardware is inadequate to run on iOS 7. Regarding the i5C, Kuo writes that the current-generation iPhone 5 this Fall due to similar features, the plastic iPhone 5C. Offered in 16GB and 32GB flavors and priced $200 less than the high-end iPhone 5S smartphone. Which Apple expects to be the most popular of the new entrants, shipping many more units than the lower-budget iPhone 5C. Potentially accounting for penetration of TDD-LTE to 25 percent in iPhone 5S and 35 percent in iPhone 5C shipments.

The polycarbonate iPhone 5C and antiquated iPhone 4S for company, one suspects that the market will be drawn to the top-spec device. A cheaper alternative with not as sophisticated hardware and features ditching the iPhone 5. Although the iPhone 5S is all expected to offer a fingerprint sensor amid a flurry on internal updates like 12-medgapixel camera and faster processor.

The next iPhone (5S) is expected to launch with a champagne gold color configuration and 128GB storage option to boot, the iPhone 5S could fairly draw most of the customers and shoulders above its peers – exclusively if the iPhone 5 is not counted among them.

Finally noted that, Kuo is projecting 5.2 million iPhone 5S and 8.4 million iPhone 5C sales in the third quarter of this year. Apple might ship 28 million iPhone 5S units and 18.7 million iPhone 5C units as a Christmas offer.

Believe it or not! As Kuo’s stripes as one of the more accurate analysts, it could well be that the current breaking news as a blockbuster way out.