iPhone 5 with Curved Glass – Apple To Adopt for iPhone 5 Display

For iPhone 5 – Apple is planning to adopt a ” Curved Cover Glass ” for its 5th Generation iPhone , and this was surfaced on Web. According the Digitimes Reports .
iPhone 5 with Curved Cover Glass Display - Introduced by Apple
Cover glass makers are reluctant to commit investment to the purchase of glass cutting equipment due to the high capital involve d”.

And not only that, According to those sources, Apple has purchased 200-300 Glass Cutting Machines to be used by Glass makers to produce Curved Glass Displays and Apple to invest their own Money to provide them with the Machines too.

There has been no timetable yet for the volume production of iPhone 5 as Apple is currently still working with related suppliers including those involved in cover glass, glass cutting, lamination and touch sensors to improve yield rates, the sources commented “.

Actually, this is not the first time Apple is using Curved Cover Glass display, because Apple already used this Curved Glass on their iPod Nano (Picture Below) from DailyMail.co.uk .

iPod Nano with Curved Glass Display

And you can see this type of Curved Glass Display on Samsung Nexus S, this was the first Smartphone to Introduce a Concave Curved Glass Display to improve usability over a Perfectly Flat Display , according to the Samsung Research.
Samsung Nexus S with Curved Glass Display
If any updates on this Reports, we will update it here. via MacRumors/CultofMac