iPatch Mod for iPhone 4 will make the Apple Logo Glow like MacBooks

iPatch Awesome Mode for iPhone 4 – Make Apple Logo Glow .This Awesome iPhone 4 Mod Illuminates Your Apple Logo Like Your MacBook. Thanks to Andy and Chris at the U.K.-based iPatch iPhone & iPod repair specialists, you can have your iPhone 4 modded to boast a glowing Apple logo every time your screen lights up.

Glowing Apple Logo

If you want to give your Apple iPhone 4 the same glowing Apple Logo like on MacBooks backplate. Then here is that awesome Mode “iPatch” offering a mode for the iPhone 4 that will give it a Glowing Apple Logo on the Back Plate.

iPatch mode for iPhone 4 to Glow Apple Logo on Backplate

But, this iPatch Mode is expected to cost around £100, about $159 and the company will be offering the Service later this month and if you live outside the UK, they will be offering this Awesome mode service by an Mail outside UK.

iPatch for iPhone to Glow Apple Logo like MacBooks

For more deatils and Information about this Aweesome and Cool iPhone 4 glowing Apple Logo over at iPatch, we are not sure abbout the Battery Power, that will use and thank’s to CultofMac.