iPad 3 Chinese Build Running on Windows XP – Not Apple iPad 3

Chinese iPad 3 Running on Windows XP – A Chinese Hacker builds his own iPad 3 which runs Windows XP . Actually, to own an original Apple iPad 3 is very high among Consumers. Witness of that comes in a form of Millions of iPad 1 and iPad 2, Apple has already sold over the Tablets in short life span.

We already know about a teenage Boy sold his Kidney to buy an Apple iPad and also heard about a girl offered her virginity in return for an iPhone 4. What you are going to see in the below Video is a talended Hardware Hacker even if he did come up with a little short one creating an iPad.

To save up enough Money to buy an Official Apple Tablet (Product), he decided to cobble togeather some old Laptop parts and a Touchscreen to Create his very own iPad 3. We are not clear about what the Parts he used to create his own iPad 3 Tablet, but it’s either the innards of one laptop or parts from a few. The end result is rather bulky tablet Device with a Touchscreen and which works perfectly.

Image Credit to Redmondpie :

Chinese iPad 3 runs Windows XP  Chinese iPad Tablet

In his iPad 3 he laoded Windows XP, plays with Google Earth and also rotates the Screen to show the Menus switch Correctly. He also made a Leather Case for his Chinese iPad 3 Tablet, that has a Built-in Keyboard to use it like a Laptop.

Important Note – This is not Apple iPad 3, but it is a great attempt at a do-it Yourself Tablet, which took 2 weeks to Build , considered nicely into a 20-minutes Video, encourages a few other like me to attempt making their own Tablets with Bulk parts of Laptops Hardware. Via Geek