iPad 2 to Get Siri Port On iPhone 4

Already, Siri Ported on iPhone 4 Successfully , now iPad 2 Siri Porting is to Come as early as Possible. Siri Assistant For iPad 2 Is Already on its way.   How To Port Siri on iPad 2 is real ? check the Screenshots Shows ” Siri Settings App on iPad 2 ” in the General Settings Section.

Siri for iPad 2 Coming

Siri, The Personal Voice Assistant that comes with iOS 5 and iPhone 4S . Siri on iPhone 4 Ported Successfullly. Porting Siri on iPad 2  is also possible after seeing that above Screenshot. Siri on iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Porting will not an Official attempt from Apple, but iOS developers makes it happen.

What is Siri ?

Siri Voice Recognition Assistant Feature was introduced exclusively to the Newly Released Apple iPhone 4S. Siri Offers a list of Commands that can perform for you in a great way. But Siri Voice Command Assistant was not Compiled for A5 Dual-Core Processor of the iPhone 4S, but Siri can be ported on iPad 2 features the Same A5 Chip. Siri successfully ported to the iPhone 4 after Jailbreaking iOS 5 too.

What About Siri on iPad 2 Porting ?

Tweet spreads this news, by a iOS Developer named Sonny Dickson who announced that he could Port Siri in the Settings app of the iPad 2. Siri on iPad porting should now make its way to reality soon. iPad 2 Settings=> General => Siri, that showed in the Screenshots below.

Porting Siri on iPad 2 Coming Soon

Actually, Siri onto any iOS Devices other than iPhone 4S will require a Jailbreak for the iPhone 4S Device, so that it is able to Move Data from it to other Devices. Want to know more about Porting Siri to iPad 2, then stay tuned to Grab Information on Topic: Siri Porting on Older iOS Devices Soon. This is very important to know How To Prevent Siri Access on a Locked iPhone 4S and You can Also Tweet with Siri on iPhone 4S in this Way. via