iPad 2 Telescope Camera Lens Case – Apple

Apple iPad 2 Telescope camera Lens Case – Great, you can now snap Photos of your Family with iPad 2 added with the Latest Telescope Camera Lens Case.

Apple iPad 2 - Telescope Camera Lens Case

This Telescope Camera Lens Case has ability to Zoom upto 6X on your iPad 2 Camera. According to the manufacturer, this Telescope Camera Lens case comes with a Case for back of the Apple iPad 2, so that the Telescpoe Lens can be Connected to.

What are advantages of this ipad 2 Telescope Camera Lens

* This new design to run of rays can effectively avaoid the contration of the Image, and can make a Wide Angle with larger Luminous Flux, good for Color reduction with Higher Visual acuteness, that makes High Quality of your Shooting Photographs.

How to Use this Telescope Lens to iPad 2 ?

iPad 2 Telescope Camera Lens

* First of all, Attach the back cover first, enclosed with the Telescope

* Now adjust the clear Focus with naked Eye.

Apple iPad 2 Telescope lens is available for $26 from Brando.