iOS 8.0.2 Once Again Caught By Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Apple, what is this? It now appears that the Cupertino based company has to catch a break from iOS 8-related troubleshooting. According to the latest reports that surfaced in the wild, claims that once again they’re hit by plague, talking about Bluetooth connectivity issues which the company’s mobile OS fond of.

iOS-8-encountered-with-bluetooth-issuesWhen iOS 8.0.1 rolled out and installed on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, there users found some issues related to no cellular service and broken Touch ID and et al. Recovery process followed by the launch of iOS 8.0.2, and just Apple thought they are out of problems, now, issues affects devices with iOS 8.0.2 as well.

Users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices have hard time pairing them with Car audio systems, which actually relates to Bluetooth connectivity. A wide number of car brands are reportedly affected, including the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Ford, and Toyota.

Bluetooth issues were not limited to cars only, though. Connectivity with wireless headphones and speakers are also affected by iOS 8.0.2 issues. Apple support is said to be aware of such problem, and some users out there were in luck, restored it back (fixed) by resetting all settings of their iDevice.

Notably, such type of re-setting could result to loss of important data stored in their iCloud Drive documents. Although, Apple is already hard at work on the next iteration of its major iOS 8 update. Users with developer accounts who are already running iOS 8.1 report that it gets the release date, and apparently will take care of the Bluetooth connectivity issues.