Is iOS 7.1.1 Battery Life Improved On iPhone And iPad? Allegedly Fixes!

It’s configured that Apple only rolled out a primary iOS 7.1.1 update few days ago, but over the past 48 hours, it looks like the company has tweaked plenty more to offer than just a few bug fixes and Touch ID accuracy. In the list mixed with the new App Store feature that shows which apps to offer in-app purchases, which has now emerged that in terms of battery life. Good news for Apple iPhone fans, those choosing to update can enjoy some reasonable improvements.

According to the reports from ZDnet, the latest iOS 7.1.1 software update also got huge positive impact on iPhone battery life and it looks like as though Apple has only repaired some of the battery drain that seemed to occur following the 7.1 update, effectively returning things back to normal.

ios-7-1-1-logoApple with the release of iOS 7.1, introduced CarPlay, iTunes Radio enhancements and some notable tweaks to the Calendar app, where some users were reporting a drop in their battery retention, something that corroborated by several controlled tests carried out by blogs all over the Web.

ZDnet has also updated to iOS 7.1.1 and run some more tests and finally discovered that battery life on iPhone has been improved. The blog has made tests involved using a fully juiced-up device for six hours, and noted that the battery life still remaining thereafter. Compared below:

On iOS 7.0.x, the iPhone would retain almost three quarters, or 74 percent of its battery, but on iOS 7.1, this six-hour figure fell spectacularly to a mere 48 percent.”

Apple’s iOS 7 update however had minor negative impact on battery performance at first, but things were back to normal after a short amount of time. As mentioned above, the iOS 7.1 update really arised the battery issue on iPhone, which means that six hours of usage on 7.1 would take this charge from 100% to as little as 48%.

With Apple’s new, after updating to iOS 7.1.1, the test leaves the iPhone with a much healthier 76 percent to play around with the fully charged iPhone 5. That’s even better than the battery life was on iOS 6.

Hopefully, everything has now been sorted out, and there are no nagging issues prevalent within iOS 7.1.1. iPad and iPhone users, who were noticing problems with battery when running iOS 7.1 have been remedied with this latest update.

(Source: ZDnet)