iOS 5 Build to Carriers – Apple Seeds Near Final Build iOS 5 – Facetime Over 3G Testing

Near-Final iOS 5 Build Report –  Apple Seeds Near Final Build Of iOS 5 To Carriers , FaceTime Over 3G Currently Under Testing . After Apple Releasing their Beta 1,2,3,4,5,6 to Beta 7 , now seams to begun to start Drive in motion towards an Official iOS 5 release .

iOS 5 Final Release
According to this Source ,

Apple Store employees started their internal training of Apple’s upcoming iCloud and iOS 5 , Apple’s global carrier partners have begun their own version of the process. According to participants, the training largely mirrors the training that occurred soon before last year’s iOS 4 launch alongside the iPhone 4. Interestingly, these major carrier partners’ support divisions are also being trained on iCloud.

This iCloud training demonstrates Apple’s push of both iCloud and iOS 5 as integrated products. After all, many of iCloud’s unique features are iOS-device based and many of iOS 5′s cornerstone features rely on iCloud connectivity. The training materials are said to have been developed with Apple’s assistance and include both detailed video and PDF-based explanations. With these carriers already training, we’re thinking that official news from Apple on the subject is imminent.

Near-final builds of iOS 5 for final testing, Apple seeded to the most Prominent Carrier Partners, where this Build is newer than already seeded Betas to Developers, which include some unique features, like Facetime Over 3G is active and been testing.

According to this source, testers are being instructed that 3G FaceTime testing is a high Priority, and might reach the End users in iOS 5. Near-Final iOS 5 Build includes features like the Nuance Dictation Speach Recognition (Speach-toText) feature, which was already unveiled.