iOS 5 Beta 2 and iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 WiFi Syncing – Demo Video

Tutorial: iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 WiFi Syncing – iOS 5 WiFi Sync Demonstration on Video . Here is the video Tutorial on iOS 5 Beta 2 with WiFi Sync.

iTunes Wireless Sync Image Credit – iHaz3

Apple already released iOS 5 Beta 2 enables the much wanted WiFi Sync feature, and that is available now on iOS 5 Developers. To take advantage of this new WiFi Syncing, developers will also need to Download and Install beta 2 release of iTunes with 10.5, now available  with alongside the iOS 5 Betas.

To Get WiFi Sync work, you must have these requirements :

* iTunes 10.5 beta 2

* iOS 5 Beta 2

* WiFi Connection

* USB Cable for Initial Syncing

Follow These Step-By-Step Guide to get WiFi Syncing Work :

1. Install iOS 5 beta 2 on your iOS device.

2. Install iTunes 10.5 beta on your computer.

3. Plug your device into your computer and open iTunes.

4. In iTunes under the summary tab for your device, enable “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” and sync your device via the usb connection.

5. Untether your device from USB, and your device will still be recognized by iTunes!
6. Drag and drop files from iTunes to your device, and wipe the tears from your eyes as you watch Wi-Fi sync work for the first time.

This is it, you can now WiFi Sync with iOS 5 Beta 2 to iTunes 10.5 beta 2.

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