iOS 5.1 Gold Master Passes Quality Assurance Testings

Reprts from ChronicWire said that the Gold Master build of Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iOS 5.1 has appsed the extensive quality testing done by Apple and its carrier partners, passed the quality assurance tests, now ready for the end-user.

The source note the build number of iOS 5.1 Gold Master to be 9B176, when compared to other partners testing the GM claim to be in possession of very slightly different build numbers, with only one digit differing in each case. Though, its not concerned, since these teams are likely testing what will wind up being iOS 5.1.1.

From the ChronicWire post:

According to a very solid source, although three different partners who are testing the Gold Master claim to have slightly (by single digits) higher builds numbers on their copies, I’m assuming that’s because right now it’d make sense for those people to be testing what will soon be released as 5.1.1, so I’ve disregarded the claims.

While, Apple has not signed the Gold Master firmware on their external servers yet but official release is expected in the coming days.