iOS 5.1 Final Reportedly To Release Around March 9th, BGR Confirms!

What do you expect from the yesterday published report claiming that the new firmware version of iOS 5.1 will bring a new Lockscreen Camera icon, a slide that can be moved so quickly to access your iPhone’s camera instead of having to tab the homescreen button twice. According to Blogdoiphone claims to have obtained a leaked pre-GM version of iOS 5.1 which has a new slide-to-camera shortcut on the lockscreen.

From the report:

Currently, to open the Camera application without having to unlock your phone, you must double-tap the Home button to display the button for the camera (see details of this in our book Secrets of iOS 5 ). This is impractical and yet many people do not notice that this functionality exists.

Fortunately iOS 5.1 Apple will change this, leaving a permanently active camera icon on the screen locked. To take a picture, just slide your finger up the icon, making the camera screen appears.

This is the site that previously claimed that Siri support for Japanese, saying that Siri will bring three extra languages next month, and its thought that Apple would release the final iOS 5.1 firmware around March 9th.

Today, a report surfaced from BGR, who confirms that in which it posted leaked screenshots of ther new camera lock button, that iOS 5.1 has a separate slider camera button next to the unlock button and Siri is expected to bring Chinese as seen in the settings. Screenshots are below!

The Apple’s new firmware iOS 5.1 is reportedly to be released around March 9th which agrees with the previous rumor.