Install Windows Phone 7 Mango 7720 RTM Build – Download Now

Download WP7 Mango RTM Build 7720 Leaked –    Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update releasing in September 1st, this was we reported yesterday. This Mango Update was the big update of Windows Phone 7. We already wrote about How to Install Mango 7712 Update on Windows Phone 7 few days back.

This Windows Phone 7 Mango RTM Build’s version number is 7.10.7720.68 , was just leaked and it can be Downloaded by any current Windows Phone 7 users. Even they are on NoDo or any previous version of Mango Build. But the latest version of the Zune Client (4.8.2134.0) will be required.

This is still considered a developer release, which simply means that it will work on any Windows Phone 7 device without modifications, and in no way suggests that it’s another experimental build. In fact, the “Not For Resale” indicator on the bootscreen seems to be gone for good, yet another indicator that this is indeed a final release/build. via

To Make Transition ? Download the Full “Mango” Files from Here and Here and for Full Installation Instructions, please head over to this XDA-Developers.