Install Windows 8 in Virtual Machine with VirtualBox – How to

How To : Windows 8 Installation in a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox or VMware Fusion 4 on Mac OS X Lion . We covered on Install Windows 8 on Mac , Dual Boot Windows 8 with Windows 7 and Install Windows 8 from USB Drive . Now, we are going to Install Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox with Full Resolution .

Install Windows 8 As a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox

Actually, Windows 8 Developer Preview Requires a Clean Installation, and this Guide is for those who do not want to wipe your Computer and don’t want to Install Windows 8 on a Separate Partition or Drive. But you should consider Installing Windows 8 as a Virtual Machine (VM).

Use VirtualBox in order to Run Windows 8 Developer Preview as a Virtual Machine, and for that you have to :

* Install Virtual Box and just Setup Windows 8 VM

* Install Windows 8 in VirtualBox

You Require these:

* Oracle VM VirtualBox
* Windows 8 Developer ISO Image File 64-bit or 32-bit .
* One Windows Live ID (Hotmail will be better)
* Broadband Internet Connection already running.

Important Note – First of all make sure that your Computer has the Virtualization Technology activated in BIOS, and then proceed for Install Windows 8 in Virtual Machine.

Install Virtual Machine and Run Windows 8 VM

1. Download VirtualBox and Install.

2. Now Open VirtualBox after Installing and Click on New.

Oracle VMware VirtualBox

3. How to Create New Virtual Machine ? you can see in the Screenshots below, how the parameter used for the Virtual Machine.

Create New in Virtual Box

* Need a Minimum of 1GB or RAM for Windows 8 32-bit Version and 2GB of RAM for Win 8 64-bit.

Create New Virtual Machine

Now you Virtual Machine is all set for Windows 8 VM Installtion.

How to Install Windows 8 in Virtual Box

Once the Virtual Machine is ready, now click on Settings and Start modifying the Settings in order to Install Windows 8 Developer Preview.


Oracle VMWare VirtualBox Machine


System Setup - VirtualBox Machine

Display Settings:

VMware Display Settings


Important Note – By Default the VDI file generated will be mounted as a SATA HDD. If this SATA HDD is treated, then Windows 8 will not be able to initiate the Win 8 Installation and BSOD. So the workaround is to mount the VDI file under the IDE controller, this way Windows 8 Developer Preview install corectly and clean.

Now Mount the Windows 8 Deveoper Previe ISO Image file under Storage.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Settings - Virtual Box

Windows 8 Developer Preview Settings


Windows 8 Network Settings

4 – All set perfectly ? then Start Install Windows 8 and this Installation will take action. When Windows 8 Starts up, you will be asked to Enter Windows Live ID and Password (Enter It).

Where the Windows Virtual PC and VMware famous Virtual Machine Software will not work to Install Windows 8 currently, but you can Install Windows 8 in Virtual Machine using VMware Fusion 4 on Mac OS X Lion.