Install Windows 8 – How to Run in Mac OS X Lion using VMware Fusion 4

VMware Fusion 4/Workstation 8 – To Install/Run Windows 8 on Mac OS X Lion Virtual Machine launched . If you are ready to Install and Run Windows 8 on Mac Lion 10.7 , then you can follow these steps on How to run Windows 8 in Virtaul Machine in Mac using VMware fusion 4 .

This is easy to Install Windows 8 from USB Drive and also easy to Dual Boot Windows 8 with Windows 7 . But having Running Windows 8 on top of Mac OS X using VMware is also the same. This is free of cots and keep reading and follow us.

Install Windows 8 in Virtaul Maching using VMware in Mac OS X Lion

1. Download Windows 8 Developer Preview ( in 64-bit and 32-bit)

2. Now Download VMware Fusion 4 for a 30 days Trail version or buy it for $49 (above liks)

Actually, the Windows 8 iSO Image is about 4GB from the Microsoft Server for free and going to the VMware Fusion 4 will take some time. After Downloading Windows 8 Developer ISO Image file,  and VMware fusion 4, Install it.

Steps to Follow – Windows 8 Installation on Mac using VMware

Actually, this Installation of Windows 8 works on both Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 and Mac Lion.

* First get that Windows 8 ISO image file onto your Mac OS X Lion Desktop

* Now Launch VMware Fusion 4 and click on “New”

* Drag and Drop Windows 8 ISO into the “New Virtual Machine Assistant”

* After Ensuring that “Use Operating System Installation disc or Image”, select the Win8DP ISO and Click Continue.

Windows 8 VMware Installation

* Now Select “Windows 7” as the Operating System and give the Windows 8 VM at leat 2GB of RAM to perform better with 64-bit.

* Now Boot the VMware by pressing the gaint play Button (>)

* Now you can Proceed and Install Windows 8 Developer Preview by just following the Few onscreen steps or Instructions.

Install Windows 8 on Mac OS X Lion using VMware Fusion 4

This Installation of Windows 8 on Mac OS X Lion will take 20 Minutes or so from Start point to End point. After Installation Completes, you will be greeted by a Brief Customization and Setup Screen and quickly launched into Metro UI with Ribbon Windows Explorer User Interface and check this link Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle – How to To Enable/Disable Windows 8 Metro UI .

If you want to buy this VMware Fusion 4 then it is ok, but for Trying to Install Windows 8 on Mac OS X Lion then the trail version will be fine. So, that you can Buy it when the Final Windows 8 Releases.