Install Windows 8 from USB Flash Drive – How to Tutorial

Windows 8 Installation from USB Flash Drive Possible without using CD/DVD Drive (How to) . I already Install Windows 8 from DVD , but today i am posting on How to Install Windows from USB. Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer Preview for Free , have you Downloaded it or not ? It is awesome and i am Running my Computer on Windows 8 Developer Preview .

What you require before Installing Windows 8 from USB Drive ?

1. First Download Windows 8 ISO Image of 64-bit or 32-bit (Developer Preview)

2. Now Download Windows 7 USB /DVD Tool , which is an Official Microsoft tool Creating Bootable DVD or USB device for Windows 8.

3. USB Flash Stick (Storage or Pin Drive) of 8GB, 12GB ,16GB

How to Install Windows 8 from USB without DVD Disk

Step 1 – First Install Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and just open it (require .Net 2.0 Framework, and then browse the Downloaded Windows 8 ISO Image .

Windows 8 USB

Step 2 – Now Select USB to create a Bootable Image

Install Windows 8 - Step 2 from USB

Step 3 – Backup your USB Flash Drive before proceeding with this step, because you may when copying windows 8 files, all your USB Data will be deleted.

Backup USB Data before Installing Windows 8 from USB

Step 4 – Now Plugin your USB and Browse the USB to create Windows 8 Drive and just click on “Being Copying” as shown in below screenshot.

Insytall Windows 8 from USB Drive

Step 5 – Now Windows 8 Files will be copied to your USB Drive in a form of Bootable Image.

Windows 8 Installation via USB Drive

Now restart you Computer and just Boot the Computer via USB Drive to Install Windows 8 in it and Pictures you can see above on My Computer. I Installed Windows 8 from USB Drive and it was very easy. Going to the Topic, Windows 8 Developer Preview has many features and those make me…? Multi-touch Gestures, and many more and Internet Explorer is so fast, so that i can compare with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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