Install Ubuntu Linux on HP TouchPad Tablet – How to Guide

Run Linux on HP TouchPad $99 Tablet – How to Install Ubuntu Linux on this HP TouchPad running WebOS 3.0 Operating System . HP TouchPad features with a 9.7-inch Display with Resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel and HP Tablet powered with 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor.

Before you Install Ubuntu Linux on this HP TouchPad Tablet , know this: HP Discontinuing TouchPad and all the WebOs based Hardware Smartphones. Already Rootwiki team want to root (port) Android 2.3 Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich to HP TouchPad and named it as “TouchDroid Project” in the coming days.

Ubuntu Linox Install on HP TouchPad Tablet

The Open-source Operating System already supports devices with similar hardware, but could be a while before we see fully uasble versions that work with the HP WiFi, HP Camera and Other Hardware. This is a Tutorialn a team has figured out on How to Run Ubuntu Linux on the HP TouchPad Tablet. But this process is a bit Complicated, and what you actually end up doing is make partition in the Storage space on this HP Tablet, Installing Ubuntu alongside the WebOS and choose which to Run.

How to Install/Run Ubuntu Linux on HP TouchPad Tablet

Step 1 – First of all Install Preware – This is a Repository system (an App Store) for Homebrew app and utilities that are not available from the WebOS App catalog. But, you can find several sets of instructions for Install Preware at the WebOS Internals Wiki.

Usin g the HP Software Developer Kit, you can do this or by using WebOS Quick Install Tool or with a Standalone Installer too.

Step 2 – Now Setup Meta-Doctor on your TouchPad

* Using OS X or Linux you will be able to Install Java Runtime and Git, can Install Palm Novacom Software, and Download the Meta-Doctor scripts too.

* Now Download and Run the WebOS Doctor

* Now Create an ext3fs partition on your TouchPap Table t and make sure it is large space to Install Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu Installation).

* To Mount the ext3fs partition when your Device reboots, Follow these Instructions. (For More Instructions, please visit PreCentral Forums)

Step 3 – UbuntuCHroot

* Make sure in Preware, the WebOS Internals Testing Feeds are Enabled, if not (Open the App Menu and Choose “Manage Feed” and then Enter in the new Feed Box)

* Now Install Eecutah, Xserver and Ubuntu 11.04 CHroot.

* Now Run Xserver and then Return to Xechutah and Tap Ubuntu 11.04 CHroot.

These are the Steps, that will get you to a Command-line version of Ubuntu Linux. From here you can use apt-get Install to Install Ubuntu Packages. If want to Install, you can Install icewm, Xfce or LXDE to give yourself a graphical user Interface. Use GNOME, KDE or Unity (But requires more system resources).

Install Ubunto Linux on HP TouchPad Tablet - Guide

Important Note – This HP TouchPad Tablet is based on the ARM Processor, so not all Ubuntu Linux applications will work and many Ubuntu apps are not yet compiled for ARM Processor. Users have reported that Firefox, Chromium, and the Flash plugin for those web browsers  appear to work though. Other apps reported to work include the LibreOffice office suite, Transmission bittorrent client, and even VNC software for logging into a remote computer.  

Use the webOS on-screen keyboard to type when using Ubuntu. In fact, right now even if you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard the on-screen keyboard shows up, but developers are working on a fix for that.

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