Install And Run Ubuntu On Your Android Device With Ubuntu Installer – Download Now!

This post describes various flavors of Linux available to those who looking for an open-source platform like Ubuntu from which to compute. Its already a freeware and simplest to install – allowing even the most unfortunate to download it. For those of you who want to install Ubuntu on your Android smartphone or tablet device, here’s our universal guide on how to do it.

While the Google’s Android OS is also an open source, developers have enjoyed push the deal of success porting Windows 95, 98, XP, as well as the other Linux builds onto Android devices, but on spot, not the Ubuntu.

Think you have already running Linux (Ubuntu 11.1o) on your Windows operating system, and experiencing the free or open source installer on it with best Gnome player and many more. If you are owned by an Android device and rooted already are pleased to learn of Ubuntu Installer, now available in the Market as an app installs Ubuntu. Even for the unseasoned tinkerer, it’s pretty simple to install – providing you check for the compatibility of your device/ ROM in advance.

Here is a list of the key features:

* Run Ubuntu within Android.
* Access to both Android & Ubuntu at same time.
* Highly optimized for ARM devices.
* LXDE Desktop (very lightweight)
* Ubuntu update manager, Software centre fully operational.
* File system access: Ability to access files on your SD card and internal memory from Ubuntu.
* Set resolution: Ability to set screen size on boot (you no longer have to download a certain image for different screen sizes!)
* Choose Ubuntu Installation type: ‘large’ and ‘lightweight’

We and other best sources advise and recommends to perform such installs on spare device instead of using the daily runner. Becuase, if anything goes wrong you might lose your device for ever. That we wouldn’t want the issue to intervene with your daily digital errands.

Here’s a large version of the installer (1.5 GB downloaded, 3.5 GB installed), which comes with all the bells and whistles such as Firefox, Thunderbird, suite, GIMP Image Editor and so forth, as well as a lightweight version, which contains the basic features required for Ubuntu to function without a hitch.

Before you go into installation process, you must check the compatibility of your Android device via developer’s blog  for the list of working devices ROM/kernels, from here (

Download Ubuntu Installer for Android [Market Link]

Please let us know how you get on with Ubuntu Installer, if not try the free version right now and share your experience and performance ability. ROOT + Kernel with Loop device support REQUIRED!! If you like this app please consider buying the paid version, for more features and updates!

You have to check these: