Install & Run HP WebOS on Mac OS X with VirtualBox

Grab $99 HP TouchPad Tablet – Want to Install/Run HP WebOS as an Emulator under Mac OS X with VirtualBox , by using WebOS SDK Emulator . You might want to experience the HP TouchPad tablet’s Operating System “WebOS” on Mac OS X, then here is the best Tip to do so and Run HP WebOS into Mac OS X.

HP WebOS SDK Emulator on Mac OS X - How to Install/Run

First of all we need to Download VirtualBox and WebOS SDK, comes as a Pre-configured Virtual Machine, but then Toy around in WebOS and get a feel for the Touch OS.

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What are going to Need to Run HP WebOS on Mac OS X :

It is simple to Install the actual Emulator (WebOS SDK), if you have any experience running Virtual Machines. Then Download WebOS SDK Installer and after finishing, the Emulator will appear in/Applications ready for You to Enjoy and Experience WebOS on Mac OS X Lion Virtually.

Install the HP webOS SDK/PDK for Mac

1. Ensure VirtualBox is not running before starting the webOS SDK Installer.
2. Open the Mac disk image file if you haven’t already.
3. Double-click the webOS SDK Installer file and follow the instructions.
4. During installation, you will be given the option to install the PDK as well. Note that this option is selected by default.

Once the SDK is installed :

* The webOS emulator becomes available in the Applications folder.
* The webOS command-line tools become available from the Terminal.

Important Note – Recommended that MAC OS X users to run the ssh-key-init script for each device they try, why? becuase this avoids being requested for a password when files are transferred to the Device using a Shell.

To More more and need more assistance, and To Install the WebOS SDK on Ubuntu Linux and Installing the SDK and PDK on a Windows PC , then please visit .