Install: Mango 7.5 On Windows Phone 7 Device – How to HTC7 Trophy

Install Windows Phone 7.5 Mango:Download ( How to ) : Microsoft made available for everyone with Web Marketplace . Before hitting the Mango 7.5 WP update to your Windows Phone powered Handset . Here is Guide on How to Install Windows Phone 7.5 Mango onto the WP7 Device (HTC 7 Trophy) .

Install WP 7.5 Mango on Windows Phone 7 HTC Trophy
mango 7.5 Installation onto Windows Phone 7

If you are a Windows Phone user and do not want to wait for 10 days more, for the Update Message will appear on your Windows Phone, then follow this WP 7 Mango Update Installation through Zune Software .

Important Note – The Installation Method: Mango 7.5 into Windows Phone 7 forces the Mango update onto your WP7 Handset. So, be careful. make sure that your Windows Phone Device is updated to the latest NoDo Build, otherwise you will be not able to Install the WP 7.5 Mango Update.

* Simply plug in your handset to your Windows driven PC

* Now Launch Zune Software and Click “Phone” on the Top of the screen

* Now Click on “Settings” and then Click on “UPDATE”.

* You should be notified for an Update already if you do not have NoDo Installed.

Confused ? – If you already have NoDo installed and you still see an update, then its highly likely that it’s the post-NoDo update which prepares your handset for Mango.

Cleared: If that is the case, then you have tosimply hit the Update button and you will be running Mango in a few minutes.

Even though you are not able to see the Update, then you must follow the below given Guide on How to Force Mango on your Windows Phone Handset.

Important Note – Before you begin, I highly recommend that you read the guide first thoroughly so you know exactly what you’re going to do. Do not in any case remove the USB cable throughout the process and make sure your PC is also fully charged and is running on AC power, just to be on the safe side.

How to Install Mango 7.5 on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Installation

Step 1 – First of all make sure that your WP 7 Handset is fully charged, for Installation 50% will do, but ist is always recommended to Charge full for the safe side.

Step 2 – Download Zune Software:Install and make sure a Backup of your WP Device using Zune and Sync all the Data (personal, Business).

Step 3 – Plug in your Windows Phone device to your PC via the provided USB cable.

Step 4 – Zune should now automatically launch once your handset is plugged in. Click on “phone”, then click on “SETTINGS” and then click on “UPDATE”. If you’re on the latest build of NoDo, you’ll be informed that your handset is up to date and there’s no update available yet.

Step 5 – This step is the trickiest one and timing is crucial, therefore proceed carefully. Repeat Step 4, and when you hit the “UPDATE” tab, immediately disconnect your PC from the internet, which means turn off WiFi or remove the Ethernet cable through which you’re connected to the internet.

Step 6 – If you foloowed the Step 5 perfectly, then after 30 seconds Zune will tell you that a Software Update is available for your Windows Phone Device.

If you cannot see that Update, then once again follow the Step 5 till you see the Software Update available. After seeing the Software Update, just follow the Step 7.

Step 7 – Now Connect to the Internet again and hit the “Update” Button.

Step 8 – Just Follow the on-screen Instructions and the Update will install without an Error.

Mango Update Checking

Update Windows Phone 7

Windows pHone 7 Update in Progress

Step 9 – Once you are done installing the first update, Zune will automatically search for more updates.

Step 10 – If you are not able to see any Additional Update ? then once again Repeat Step 5, and if seen the Software Update, then follow the on-screen Instructions for Installation.

Step 11 – The process is going to take a handsome amount of time, therefore be patient and do not in any case disconnect your device from your PC. Grabbing a coffee or watching an episode of your favorite show to kill some time is highly recommended at this point.

Step 12 – Once Installation Mango 7.5 Completes, then your Windows Phone will reboot into Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. via