How To Increase Wi-Fi Speed On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [Tutorial]

What is WiFi? Its a wireless local area network that uses a high frequency radio signals to transmit and recieve data. WiFi allows for wireless Internet connection through a wireless router. Learn about the frequencies and standards used by WiFi signals. Today, we will talk about some tips and tricks that you can use on your owned iPhone 4S/4, iPad 2, iPod touches to get more WiFi speed than before.

How do you increase WiFi speeds on your iOS devices and if you are facing some issues on internet connection?  Are you one of those folks who constantly get a low Wi-Fi connection speed. This would happen when you change your Wireless network to another. This problem usually occurs on the older devices. Apart from this we have found a simple trick that will surely help you get rid of this issue or problem.

Tip: Increasing WiFi speed on your iOS devices

Actually we are going to change DNS address of Wi-Fi on iPhone, iPad or iPod. How? Simpy by adding custom DNS Server address so that you can boost up Wifi network on your address. Just follow our complete step-by-step guide posted below. Details after this jump!

First of all you have to get a custom DNS server address. You can be get it either by using a simple utility “Bench” for Windows and Mac (Google Search) or you can also use the Google or Open DNS server address you can see below.

* Google DNS servers: and
* OpenDNS servers: and

How to add custom DNS server on your iDevice

1. Go to settings and Click on Wi-Fi
2. Select the desired network.
3. Enter the custom DNS server Address in the DNS field.

If you have followed the procedure correctly you will be now boosting your wireless network (WiFi) speed on your iOS devices. If any problems to fix this? Please comment here below.