iMessage for Mac OS X Integration into iChat – Apple

iMessage with Mac OS X Lion’s iChat Support – Apple to Integrate iMessage a Free Instant Messaging Service into OS X Lion iChat ? – Grab information on this topic “iMessage for Mac OS X Lion” with Integration in iChat Soon become reality. Apple may have already started the Integration of iMessage into iChat for Mac OS X Lion, according to MacRumors.

iMessage for Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5

What is iMessage ?

iMessage is an Instant Messaging Service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to Send Text and MMS (Multimedia) Messages via WiFi and 3G-Connections with Read and Deliver receipts and with Real-time typing indication. According to Apple officially said that, there is no way to Send iMessages to or from any non-iOS Devices like Mac OS X.

But, there is evidence that Apple has already started building in iMessage support into OS X Lion iChat instant Messaging Software, by a Developer.

Buried in the framework of OS X Lion’s iChat, are two new properties (highlighted below):

@interface IMMessage : NSObject
IMHandle *_sender;
IMHandle *_subject;
NSAttributedString *_text;
NSString *_plainBody;
NSDate *_time;
NSDate *_timeDelivered;
NSDate *_timeRead;

The “timeDelivered” and “timeRead’ fields indicate the tracking of delivery and read receipts for instant messages. These features, however, are not supported in any of iChat’s native messaging protocols, while the same features are offered in Apple’s iMessage protocol. These properties were also not present in previous versions of iChat prior to OS X Lion. We believe the only reason Apple would have added these properties was to build in cross compatibility with their new iMessage protocol.

What are the Uses if Apple Integrates iMessage support into Mac OS X Lion’s iChat ?

If Apple adds iMessage support to OS X Lion iChat, that will help iOS 5 and Mac Users to Instantly send Text Messages and MMS Messages to each other in real Time. Actually, this is not the first time Apple has added cross compatibility between its Mac and iOS Devices.

example – Apple’s iOS Facetime a Video Conferencing feature integrated to MAC OS X with the launch of Facetime for Mac earlier.

iMessage for iOS is not yet launched and can be a part of iOS 5 Final, that might be released this fall, and no idea on when Apple will launch iChat Support for iMessage. When Apple Integrates iMessage into Mac OS X Lion’s iChat, we will let you know. via