iCloud Public Release On October 12th: iOS 5 Final and Mac OS X Lion Users

Free iCloud:iOS 5 available on October 12th . iCloud:Mac OS X Lion freely available as iCloud Public Releases on October 12th . iCloud:Apple‘s MobileMe Replacement : all round Data Syncing System is finally out of Beta iCloud and readying for the Final iCloud Public Build and available for free iCloud:iOS 5 and Free iClou for Mac OS X Lion Users.


What is Apple iCloud Includes:

1. iCloud Backup – Includes Features similar to Google’s Backup System:Android Users. iCloud Backup have the similar expreience with no longer will a new iDevice mean fishing out the Sync cable in order to get it up and running. Using iCloud and Apple New PC-Less Setup Utility: iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G can be restored to your Favorite state with Complete Applications with the help of iCloud:Touch Button.

If you have existing mp3 files,  can upload those to iCloud under the Music

Where in Google Backup System for Android User:Signed in using a Google Account all the Android Handsets applications, Settings and all are Backed up to Google’s Servers. Moving to a new phone is as simple as entering your Gmail details – everything is synced, wirelessly, and then you’re good to go.

2. iTunes in the iCloud – iTunes Cloud:Online Storage locker for Music Lovers. Purcahsed Songs already can be re-downloaded from iTunes Store with a massive improvement in Current State to Play.

3. iCloud Synchronizing – Not MobileMe, iCloud offers Cross-device Syncing of all your Important Data:Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Applications and so on. iCloud’s newly added Document Syncing will come as more iOS Apps are written to support iCloud. Applications will no longer require Third-party Syncing Solutions:Dropbox and Box.net. Documents Syncing will be handled by iCloud Apple Servers.

4. iCloud:iTunes Match – For an Year $25 iTunes Match is readying this from outside the United States. iTunes Match and iTunes in iCloud is currently is only US Affair, and iClod iTunes Match availability on this End of October 2011. iTunes Match checks your music library, and finds songs that match yours on its servers. They’re then instantly available for you to download, but this time they’re in the same format as all other iTunes music, even if your original is recorded off the radio.

iTunes Match

Apple Confirm : iOS 5 Final Public Build Download available on October 12th and Apple iCloud Public Live goes on the Same Day along with iOS 5 Final Luanch.