iBye 3.0 Offers iCloud Like Function to Use A Server of Choice

What is iBye – This is a Popular Backup Application for Jailbreakers , that will be updated to offer the iCloud like functionality using DropBox or a Server of our Choice .

iBye Updated - Offers iCloud Functionality

Features Included by iBye Backup Application :

1) Automatic Backups
2) AppStore App Data App Selection
3) iCloud Like Functionality
4) Completely New User Interface
5) Support for Multiple Servers (Cloud, Dropbox, etc)
7) More sections added that can be backed up

After the iOS 5 Final Releases, then this new version of iBye Backup Application for Jailbreakers will be available. After the Break, you can Watch for the release on EvilPenguin Site or Twitter .