Legal Porting Siri On iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G Possible With i4Siri

Right now, developers are ready to bring their project called “i4Siri,” which will hopefully bring the personal assistant legally to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Did you ever imagined that the Siri port would become legal for iPhone 4? Yes! you must thank the developers who are working hard on the project which can get iOS 5 special feature Siri. i4Siri is the the best way, which now becomes legal way to port Siri on iPhone 4 and also made it Siri for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G.

The story revealed like this: Few days back, we’ve informed you that MuscleNerd posted that the new iOS 5.1 version seeded by Apple to the iPhone 4S makes Siri port to the Apple’s iPhone 4 legal.

This legal porting Siri on older iPhone devices news comes straight from the JailbreakNation; some developers are currently working on a new method known as “i4Siri” to bring Sori port on iPhone 4 in a very legal way.

So, this project i4Siri to bring Siri to the older iDevices running 5.0 via some Cydia tweaks and utilities. The aim of these developers is to be able to create a server that could enable the users to connect with his Cydia tweak installed, that is enable a Siri GUI along with connection with the Siri proxy server. Sice this port has been reported toe quite prosing and effective. While the native root partition size holding the iPhone OS isn’t big enough for the cache file required for Siri port.

The developers think that to release the port, they would have to extract the code from the 4S IPSW.

In the form of third-party tweaks and apps the i4Siri will bring Siri to older devices, including iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Other devices will be also supported later. Possibility to use on iPhone 3GS but not yet confirmed.

@MrAjsTech with @leftyfl1p could be able to legally port Siri on iPhone 4 and they showed off a video teaser before the release:

According to him, this project i4Siri will successfully install Siri on iPhone 4 legally as on to other older iOS devices as well like the iTouch 4G and possibly on iPhone 3G too and that too without the regeneration of 4S authorized keys.

Wait! they currently need donations to create proxy servers so that they can do porting easily.

Last status from the developers:

Last night I spent quite come time working on a script that will auto generate the necessary Siri certificates. This will allow for easy 4S key grabbing. This script should be released soon. The next step is to release a tool that will help users install a GUI and then we will release our auth keys cydia tweak.

This is it; If this happens, then you will be getting Siri port on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G with i4Siri in no time. Via