Humor: Introducing The iWatch In Apple Style [VIDEO]

With the June 2nd date is today and we’re just few hours away from some significant revelations from Apple at WWDC 2014, and confident that iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 will be revealed at the keynote thanks to the banners being erected over the last day or two. Rumors leading up to this point had suggested we might see a new product category appear, and that’s now looking unlikely.

The team is back again who last year released an Apple iPhone 5s introduction parody video. LED by YouTube comedian Mathias is back and introduces one of Apple’s highly-anticipated products, the iWatch. Tipped to be that new product that would make an appearance at WWDC, with some expercting it to be the major driver for the Cupertino’s whole event.

Now that looking increasingly unlikely, we’re left to enjoy parodies of Apple iWatch unveiling instead, with one in particular catching our eye.

He, ‘Matthies’ on his YouTube channel posted a fully three-minute video that takes the tried and tested Apple product announcement videos and uses them to create their own satire. Imagine how three minutes of comedy while fake Apple engineers talk about the iWatch looks. Watch it yourself, and trust us, they’ll be 3 minutes of your life well spent.


What time is it?” The iWatch, the company’s latest “magical product” lets you not only check the time but also alerts as well. And the iWatch also lets you respond to text messages using the smartwatch’s keyboard, read eBooks and even play games thanks to its iSync technology which Apple “took much further than it needs to go.” And finally it comes with a battery life that will last “one entire hour standby”.

Forgot to add “one more thing,” a built-in GPS pedometer that livestreams your location to the NSA, respectively.

The real iWatch isn’t even in the unveiling list at WWDC 2014 event, but at this point we suspect that the rumors have just been ticking along for far too long for Apple to not have something up its shelves. Expecting to tie in with iOS 8, the iWatch being announced at WWDC did make any sense, and right now there will be no big hardware announcement with Apple prefering to instead focus on the iOS and OS X desktop operating system.

If iWatch does show up on Monday morning? Just agree to ignore all we just said above. Stay tuned!

(Source: Mashable)

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