“Hummingbird” Is Google’s Major Update For Search Algorithm, Released!

Literally, Google went back to the place where it all started, just one day before celebrating the search giant’s 15th Birthday it has made a big “Hummingbird” update. Crushing all the search terms, this new algorithm affects 90% of all searches, and has also been in place for about a month. Full details after this break!

According to the senior Vice President at Google, Amit Singal syas that Google on Thursday announced a handful of new updates to the company’s search offering, including a major update to Google’s search algorithm (Penguin) that now the company calls it “Hummingbird”.

Google search algorithm Hummingbird is live now

The new algorithm is purely meant to keep up with longer, more advanced search queries that come through Google. Rather than simple keyword searches, which Google is working to accommodate questions on par with what actually users might ask their friends off the internet.

About Hummingbird? The company’s most significant algorithm change since Google switched to “Caffine” back in 2010, says Singhal. Hummingbird search algorithm is live now, and exclusively designed to handle complex quaries. Google has also announced a new design for tablets and phones, which will answer your questions back to you. “Voice will be fundamental to building interactions with the devices,” says Singhal.

Users can ask Google to compare two items, generate a list of songs from a particular artist, or pull statistics about the Eiffel Tower and receive a voice message. A richer direct answers with comparison, a new song exploration feature and notifications of Google Now information for iOS 7.

The newly announced app will allow users to more clearly see their Calendar or events cards from the application’s home screen, and reminders will now carry over between iOS and Android devices, respectively.

Finally it has landed, and now it will be like Twitter Vs. Hummingbird, which in nature going to be a very interesting subject. Crushed serach queries with relevant search terms at the same time. Webmaster’s will look forward to quit Google search soon!

However in the past few months, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo search engines increased by 7%, dropping Google to some rankings. Regarding such updates will certainly crash Big G’s search engine! Google’s also posted more information here.

(Via Mashable)