HP TouchPad Tablet – Overclocks to 1.9 GHz & 1.7 Both Cores – How to Guide

HP Touchpad Tablet Overclocks To 1.9 GHz on Both Cores WebOS 3.0 Updated . (Video Tutorial) on How to Overclock HP TouchPad upto 1.9/1.7 GHz (Guide). We already covered ” How to Install Ubuntu/Android 2.2/2.3 ” This is the Guide from the XDA Forums, for those who recently grabbed a $99 HP TouchPad Tablet.

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HP TouchPad Overclocks to 1.9 GHz on Both Cores

Actually, Folks from XDA Forum Memmber managed to Overclock HP TouchPad to 1.9 GHz on Both Cores. There are no issues in Installing or Overclocking the 1.9 GHz overclock marks as most of the devices are getting freezes, but when Overclocking HP TouchPad to 1.7 GHz, you may  face some issues.

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From XDA Forums:

Reported : UnixPsycho’s Kernel as of 8/27/11 sometimes does not overclock the second core. This is widespread and many experience this. An alternate Kernel to download is Warthog. Warthog’s Kernel can do 1.7Ghz on both cores. If Unixpsycho’s Kernel does not work correctly for you, you can simply uninstall it VIA preware, restart your HP touchpad, find and install Warthog’s kernel via PREWARE, and restart your HP touchpad again. This could be good for you as well

HP Touchpad possible to Overclock upto 1.9 GHz and is it Safe?

* This is possible and you wont see any effect on battery (stock usually pulls 550mah and 1.5ghz is pulling like 565mah.
* Touchpad becomes incredibly fast, fluid, responsive, and is a joy to use
* No heat created
* Overclocks both cores
* Feels like you have next generation hardware after the overclock
* Smooth like butter

How to: Overclock HP TouchPad Tablet to 1.9 and 1.7 GHz

1. First of all Update your WebOS to the latest version “3.0.2”:

Menu > settings > System Updates > make sure it is fully updated

2 .Now Connect your HP TouchPad to the Computer through USB, and make sure “USB Drive” mode is not Activated, keep in mind, you want to only be on Charge Mode and Click on the USB icon on the Top and get out of USB Drive Mode.

From the Third Step, you have to Head Over to this XDA Forums Link .