HP’s Envy 15 and Envy 17 Laptops Officially Unveiled

Today HP has officially revealed the all-new ENVY 15 and the ENVY 17 Notebooks. The two new ENVY models are HP’s flagship laptops and this will reflected in both the price and design, quality.


The HP ENVY 15 & 17 both equipped with Radiance infinite displays and the Envy 15 will be sporting a 1366 x 768 resolutions and where the Evy 17 with a 1080p screen. When talking about the power is concerned the Envy 15 will be integrated with a Core i5-2430M Processor supported by 6 gigs of DDR3 Memory, with 1GB of AMD Radeon graphics. Which model of graphic c ard installed in the  Laptop is yet unknown.

HP ENVY 3D 17 Laptop

Envy 15 storage is provided by a 500GB (7,200 RPM) hard disk together with DVD drive and audio is managed via six-channel speakers and a subwoofer provided by Beats.The Envy 17 standard edition has the same specs but a 3D Envy 17 model also has an ability to full HD Radiance 3D 120Hz display with a pair of active shutter 3D Glasses, and a Blu-ray HD Player implemented on it.

HP Envy 17 and 15 Laptops announced

HP has set the launch date for bot Envy range models, arriving on December 7th, priced as $1,100 for the Envy 15, and $1,250 for the Envy 17 Laptop, and $1,500 for the ENVY 3D 17 Notebook. Buy an HP laptop from Walmart, get an HP TouchPad for Free