How To Watch Super Bowl 2012 On Your iPhone And iPad [Follow Right Now]

Here comes the biggest game of the year – Super Bowl XLVI started and If you are eager to catch the live action on your iPad or iPhone, iPod touches to enhance the viewing experience, here’s the list of application for iOS devices. You can stay up to date while away from home and on the road, or get all sorts of extra information while you’re watching live.

NFL Live for Verizon iPhone

Back in December, NFL announced that it will stream the Super Bowl and the pro Bowl live to Verizon’s NFL mobile app for iPhone and iPad. While the iPhone users with a 3G data plan must have to subscribe to Verizon video ($10/month or $3/day). So that they can be able to watch the game online in HD, access DVR-style controls and select additional camera angles and also gets the access to in-game highlights, live statistics and other interactive elements.

Well! this exclusive Verizon’s NFL Mobile app to stream Super Bowl XLVI will be only available for Verizon Wireless customers, can download NFL Mobile app using this App Store Link. Super Bowl XLVI site

The NFL also has a full site up for Super Bowl 46, complete with history, events, visitors guides, live feeds, trivia, and much, much more. Comparing to desktops, mobile experience won’t be quite up to – that’s why they made the apps. If you want to cover all the fun, then launch Safari on log onto If you’re not on Verizon and need to watch live, you can do so from here with your Mac or Windows PC. Simply by visiting this Web Site Link.

Super Bowl XLVI Guide

It’s an official NFL Super Bowl 46 guide app, whichkeeps you updated with maps, local happennings, and more. When you thought of watching it from your home, the Super Bowl XLVI Guide is the best way to take advantage, simply be navigating through the multitude of Super Bowl events and keep up with all the social media buzz that will surely generated by millions and millions of fans out there.

Super Bowl XLVI Guide is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available for free download in the App Store now.


IntoNow from Yahoo is Shazam for your TV. The television companion app automatically identifies the show you are watching and gives you related content, personalized recommendations, and discussions to connect with friends. IntoNow has announced that Yahoo has tied up PepsiMAX to launch a promotion, which gives you a chance to win Pepsi for life, if you use IntoNow during the Super Bowl.

You can download IntoNow for iPhone and iPad using this App Store link.

Ebay for iPad :

Late last year, Ebay’s iPad app got a cool new feature called “Watch With eBay”, which will show you all the items on eBay related to the game when you tune in to the Super Bowl game, so you can buy your favorite team’s merchandise on your iPad.

You can download Ebay’s iPad app using this App Store link.

Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App for iPad

This Super Bowl 46 commemorative app for iPad By NFL Magazine brings you the full story of how the New England Patriots and New York Giants made it to the big game, key stats, and bonus features like video, interviews, stadium shots, and more. Price tagged $2.99 from App Store.

This is it! here’s some of the best apps to follow and watch live Super Bowl XLVI game on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for free and paid.