iMessage on iOS 5 – How to Use on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

How to Use iMessage on iOS 5 Devices ? Have you Downloaded iOS 5 Firmware and Upgraded iOS 5 onto iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iTouch 3G, iPad 2, iPad 1 . iOS 5 with iPhone 4S already running when it is released. iOS 5 Final is loaded with Tons of new features. iOS 5 with 200+ Features like Notification Center, Airport Utility, and with iCloud and many more.

Update 24-10-2011: Use Group iMessage on all iOS 5 Devices

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These are the most Important How to Articles, and How to Set up iCloud in iOS 5 and How to Set up iTunes in iOS 5 . iMessage Service on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using is what we are talking about. iMessage for Mac OS X Integration into iChat is HERE.

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iMeesage - How to Use in iOS 5 iDevices

iMessage is an Instant Messaging Service for all iOS 5 users. iMessage on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to Send Text and MMS (Multimedia) Messages via WiFi and 3G-Connections with Read and Deliver receipts and with Real-time typing indication. According to Apple officially said that, there is no way to Send iMessages to or from any non-iOS Devices like Mac OS X.

How to Use – iMessage is built into Message Apps to Send Text, Videos, Photos, Loactions, and Contacts. iMessage is like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in BlackBerry Smartphone. Using iMessage you can keep everyone in the loop with Group Messaging. iMessage lets you track any Messages with Delivery Receipts and Optionla Read Receipts, to see anyone is Typing.

What is the Difference between iMessage and SMS Message:

Once the receiver is identified with an iPhone running iOS 5. The Address Book is updated with a small blue chat bubble (image bellow) that will appear next to the contact’s name in the future, indicating that they can receive iMessages .

Difference Between SMS Messages and iMessage

How to Identify iMessages:

Notice that the “Send” button on the SMS and the iMessage are different colors, as well as the outgoing chat bubble. Below Screen shot shows the Color or SMS Message and iMessage.

Important Note – Before Using iMessage App in iOS 5 Feature

* Go to Settings app under Message and then Disable or Enable iMessage.

* If any Message connot sent by iMessage, Sent automatically using Default SMS Service in iOS.

* iMessages in Blue Bubbles and SMS Messages i Green Bubbles as shown above.

* If you are not Registered with iMessage Service, then the Name will turn to RED Color.

iOS 5 iMessage Settings - Create Apple ID

The Best Trick and Tip on How to Send iMessage

1. iOS 5 allows users to turn Off SMS Messaging Completely. So, iMeesage is the only protocol that can be Sent. If you Turn OFF iMessage, then iOS 5 allows Sending SMS via Default SMS Message.

2. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, no matter. iPod Touch users can Send/Receive iMessages by using their Apple ID. If not Create Apple ID for Free and also have an option to Change your “Caller ID” from your Phone Number to your EMail Address.

Last but not least, iMessage iOS 5 Feature is an awesome feature. Using iMessages on Multiple Devices with the new Support of iCloud ensures that you will never miss a bit when working with iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch.

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