How to Use Airdrop in OS X Lion – What About iPad AirDrop

How To Use : AirDrop in OS X Lion What about AirDrop on iPad ? The Best feature in OS X Lion is AirDrop and another Question, Mac OS X Lion: AirDrop can be Used in my Computer. How to Use AirDrop in OS X Lion (Apple Mac). Now if AirDrop is available on the Apple iPad would be better. Apple Released Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 with iCloud Support .
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion ? What about iPad 2 Airdrop Feature in iOS 5 Coming or Not

What is AirDrop ?

One very cool new feature in OS X Lion is AirDrop. Best way to leverage your Home or Office WiFi Networks to Send Files to others who are also Running Mac OS X Lion, just by Dragging and Dropping those files into a icon representing the other person.

AirDrop is zero-configuration file transfer software: do not need do any setup or configuration, and you don’t even need to have a Wi-Fi network as AirDrop uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi between Macs that want to use it. All it requires is a Mac running Lion, and once a user opens the AirDrop interface (found in the Finder sidebar) his Mac becomes visible to other Macs using AirDrop. One caveat: some Macs capable of running Lion appear to be unable to use AirDrop thanks to an older Wi-Fi card, but Macs after 2009 appear to be working OK as of today. While the other Mac appears as a round icon showing the contact photo for that Mac.

How to TAKE your Mac off the AirDrop “Radar Screen”:

Just close the Finder window or click anywhere outside of AirDrop. If another sender is in your Address Book and has signed in with their Apple ID, their name appears below their AirDrop picture and can be used to validate their identity. You can sign in with your Apple ID in System Preferences > Users & Groups and click Set for your Apple ID.

Today, my Friend play around with OS X Lion, and he found neat things other than the multiple desktops and multi-gesture mouse tricks. Using AirDrop any one can easlily drop files to a neaby OS X Lion user with AirDrop, works with Multiple Mac Running OS X Lion 10.7.2.

Importanat Note – You need to have a Mac OS X Lion installed on Both Machines and you have run the same Network on Both Mac Lion Systems. Make AirDrop working on Mac OS X Lion, you will need:

* Open Finder
* Select AirDrop
* These two Needed for Both Mac Running OS X Lion Machines

How to Use AirDrop in OS X Lion: Share Files Over Wi-Fi With Friends Using OS X Lion’s New AirDrop Feature

Important Note – If one of your Mac is not Connected to AirDrop, need to be in AirDrop in Finder in order, that the other Mac Lion to find Each Other, which takes few seconds to find the other Host. Don’t Panic and wait!

1. Once the Othger Mac Lion Computer appears in AirDrop, you can select a Single File, Multiple Files or Single Folder or Multiple Folders, so that you can Drop them into AirDrop.

2. Now It will Confirm if you want to Send or Not to Send

3. On the Other Receiving Mac, you have to Accept (Confirm by Selecting Save or Save and Open Options. (Choose and Click on any One Option)

* When you click on Save Only Option, then Received Files/ Folders will be saved into your Download Folder in AirDrop.

If you have More than Two Mac OS X Lion Computers, then you will see a third bubble popping out a AirDrop, makes it easy to easily Send Files/Folders to any iMac, Mac Mini or to MacBook Air.

My Friend this AirDrop on iPad Availability (AirDrop for Apple iPad), that would be More Better. When AirDrop works for iPad 2, that would be more easier to transfer Files and AirDrop for iPad may include on the Final Version of iOS 5 ?

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