How to Enable And Disable Real Messenger Center Notifications

The Media player, RealPlayer most popular product is called “Real Message Center” which displays notifications. If a user signed up, he/she will receive notifications about new softwares, upgrades and updates as a display.

Real Message Center runs in the background of users computer and displays notifications in every few minutes whenever Realplayer is running. If a user is trying to watch a lengthy video these continuous notifications within minutes will distrub a lot. Though it is not a big issue, many users are hesitating to signup and receive the messages.

Enable Real Message Center

There is a checkbox in the Real Message Center to which most of the users dont pay any particular attention. While installing Realplayer and signing up for Real Message Center notifications usually users leave this notification box checked. Real Message Center will be automatically enabled and starts displaying notifications minutes after minutes if this checkbox is unchecked.
When signing up, if you dont want continuous notifications uncheck this checkbox.

Disable Real Message Center

Users who wish to disable Real Message Center notifications can do so by running RealPlayer, selecting the Tools menu, and choosing Preferences. From here, the user can select Automatic Services  from the left-hand menu, click the “ Configure Message Center ” button, uncheck the checkbox for “ Check for new messages ”, uncheck the checkbox for “Show Message Center icon in the System Tray”, click OK , and click Yes.