How To Turn Any Android Device Into A Chromecast Dongle For Free [VIDEO]

What is Google’s Chromecast? A new invention of Google has made their existence showing innovative design for modern as well as technical users. Google Chromecast works better and offers the same features like wireless connection. A peripheral only debuted a couple of weeks ago, with its cheap price and emergence as a relatively hackable product. Chromecast is not a big deal to carry this portable device as it is only three-inch in length that almost resembles the small key. For $35, the receiver lets you stream music content from any device to your HDTV, but at this moment, limitations mean that only a handful of video and audio services are currently compatible. Although Chromecast brings you extraordinary features that easily fit with your requirements. Those who are not yet opted to pick-up the Chromecast, you might be interested in checking out CheapCast – an application that can eventually turn your Android device into a compatible Chromecast receiver.

It’s a free of charge app, when considering the real thing costs less than pretty much any other set-top box like product out there, certainly the app would pretty much called VeryCheapCast. Being an Android device owner, just sitting around and doing not very much, this app will help your trusted spare get its moment in the sun once again.


The app arrives courtesy of XDA-Developers member Maui, and CheapCast turns just about any Android device into a ChromeCast receiver with a hype. Once downloaded, the app is thus rather simple to fire it up, set a name for your mock receiver, and from there, you’re exclusively ready to go.


The word cheap in the CheapCast doesn’t mean that it won’t operate as a poor man’s version, but it works rather a real ChromeCast receiver do. Users out there are still yearning for support outside of Netflix, Google Play etc, CheapCast does share the unwanted trait of limited compatibility with its accurate counterpart.

Still the CheapCast in beta, without any support for current Google Cast tab streaming in Chrome, but it’s suggested when its out of beta, the functionality will be presented legitimately.

You can now download CheapCast right from the Google Play Store, and if you surpass any difficulties, be sure top check out the original forum thread over at XDA.

(Download: CheapCast for Android on the Play Store)