How To Triple-Boot Windows 8 CP, Ubuntu 11.10 And Windows 7 On A PC [Video-Tutorial]

I have made it possible by by testing out the three Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and Ubuntu Linux along with Windows 7 side-by-side. Here’s how to get the best of these triple-booting Ubuntu 11.10 with your Windows 8/7 installation.

Before we get started, you have these things that is much required:

* 10GB of Free space on your drive

* Download the Ubuntu 11.10 from here (x86) or here (x64), burnt to a DVD.

* Free time of about 30 minutes.

Think you have all the resources right now. To get started with Trple booting your Windows 8 Consumer Preview with the Linux (Ubuntu 11.10) and Windows 7, must follow these steps perfectly.

Actually you do have an idea on how to install Windows 8 CP on your Computer and already a post published by our team on how to dual-boot as well. No these steps can be followed in two different methods, one is directly installing Ubuntu 11.10 inside your Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system drive or you can create a partition and install it.

I prefer to install Linux on the partition drive. Simply follow the link here to know about how you can create partition. Getting started to triple boot Windows 8 Preview.

Step 1 : Insert Ubuntu 11.10 CD/DVD onto your Computer drive.

Step 2 : Boot through the Live CD or Live USB. Click Install Ubuntu.

Step 3 : You will now have three options one is Install Ubuntu inside Windows 7 or Windows 8, second option for deleting all other OS and installing Ubuntu as the only OS, third option “Something else” for dual boot with Windows 7, Win8 or Vista.

Step 4 : I selected the option ” Something Else “, and select the drive in which you created partition or to install Ubuntu click ” New Partition table” , to make a seperate drive for Ubuntu. Empty any drive through window to prevent data loss.

Step 5 : In This window specify the space you want for Ubuntu(at least 5GB). Select Location as ” Beginning “select ” Ext4 journaling file system ” in “Use as” option. Select  Mount point  ” / “. It is use as root directory of Ubuntu. Click ” OK “.

Step 6 : Select the option for ” Device for Boot loader installation “. Select the first option in the list. That will show the whole hard disk of your system.

Step 7 : You can also create a Swap partition for Ubuntu. This Swap area act as a physical memory. This is optional if you have large RAM memory. Select any partition and click on “New partition table”. After creating the SWAP area. Click on ” Install Now “.

Watch this video on how i triple booted Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7 shown below: