How To Transform Your Windows PC Into Android Ice Cream Sandwich Desktop

Want to change the look and feel of your Windows desktop? Here’s the guide on how to get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your Windows PC. I am eager to grab that tutorial and made it with my Windows computer with the mobile operating system, which is one of the most popular amongst. There are several other mobile OSes out there, the question is which one you want to try? The current heavy weight contenders have to be iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with Blackberry. Chosen Android 4.0 ICS, details after this jump!

1. Windows Phone is becoming more popular with its Mango 7.0 OS.

2, Apple with its iOS 5.0.x firmware

3. Android with its Android Ice Cream Sandwich

These tow Android and iOS operating systems which are currently the best competitors amongst others. Apart from this today, we will show you hao i got made Ice Cream Sandwich desktop.

With a simple tweaking and using right tools, we can achieve that success. The final result is a desktop that looks sharp and defenitely has lot in common with the mobile OS that inspired it.

  • The Ice Cream Sandwich desktop wallpaper, downloaded from WallBase.
  • A theme for Windows 7 known as APPOWS2010, which is available from DeviantArt.
  • A blank theme enabled RocketDock which creates the left hand positioned dock.
  • The ICS icon pack, available from DroidPirate.
  • RainMeter, which is a system monitor and configuration tool.
  • The Minimal Bar skin which is used to display the time and date.
  • The Lexis skin, used to display time and date.
  • SimpleSentenceThree for RainMeter which gives the currently playing music in the bottom corner.
  • The Google search bar for RainMeter.
  • The Roboto Font, preferably the Roboto Light.

By using these tweaks and elements, you can tweak the desktop to only include the components you like – you can build your own Ice Cream Sandwidh desktop with just the wallpaper, RocketDock, and the icon pack, and leave the rest off if you so choose.  If you have any difficulty putting all of these components together, you could always pop over to David Molina on Flickr and ask about his process.

My Windows Desktop Changed Into Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but Icons not added yet :