How To Transform Your Windows 7 Into iOS 7 With This Skin Pack [Download]

As you all know that Apple has introduced its new iOS firmware in the form of iOS 7, and many of those features found are awesome and now, we will implement those inclusions on Windows desktop. Here’s how you can turn your Windows 7 into iOS 7 guide by using the iOS 7 skin pack.

In the past we transformed iOS 6 into iOS 7 Beta on our iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and iPod touch 5G. Now, we are talking about transforming Windows 7 to iOS 7. First of you have to download iOS 7 skin pack right from here. Follow the step-by-step guide to convert Windows 7 OS to iOS 7 mobile operating system.


The transformation pack is developed by Hamed, and we previously brought you some best skin pack such as Android, Gnome, Mango, Windows 8 and OS X Mac Lion, along with iOS 6, iOS 5 and now iOS 7 pack.

You can now easily turn your PC into an iPhone like interface by installing iOS 7 into your Windows 7 PC. First in order to install it, you have to download iOS 7 skin pack.

Once Skin Pack installed on your Windows, you will get these features exclusively.

Turn Windows 7 Into iOS 7

Step 1: Download iOS 7 sking pack for Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)

Step 2: Extract the UnRar or UnZIP (extract downloaded iOS 7 theme pack)

Step 3: Double click to install iOS 7 skin pack on Windows 7 and click Next.

iOS 7 Theme

Step 4: When Prompts accept the Terms and Conditions. Click Next Button.

Accept-iOS 7-skin-install

Step 5:  Now you will be asked for Quick Install or Custom Install, please choose the Quick Install (Recommended).

iOS 7 Theme pack

Step 6: Select Components to Install (UXTheme, Files, Extras) and click Install Button after checking all the three components.

iOS 7 RestoreiOS 7 Installation process
Step 7: After new minutes of installation. iOS 7 apears on Windows 7 with an ease.

Windows 7 Transformed Into iOS 7

Note: Skin pack installer is a pretty easy option. Before you install new Skin Pack, uninstall the other older version running on your Windows 7.

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