How To Transform Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 Into Windows 10 Using This Theme

Windows 10 is what we’re talking about today. For those who are excited to install Windows 10’s aesthetics, a Windows 10 Transformation UX Skin Pack has been released and shall personalize your Windows XP, Vista, 8, and 8.1 in all the customization required to walk the Windows 10 ramp.


Themes for Windows 10 are already available out there but “UX” transformation pack is this package’s ability to make changes to your Windows installation without patching the system files, making the transformation theme pack less likely to cause system issues.

This new Windows 10 Transformation/UX Skin Pack carry the same installation procedure be it on Windows XP or Windows 8.1. Like other transformation packs, this one also takes you through the setup allowing you to choose the customization you want made to your existing Windows. Turning into Windows 10, you can always go the default way which should be the best way for most novice users.


This Windows 10 Theme Pack integrates new skins, wallpapers, icons, fonts, sounds etc. along with various third-party tools to emulate certain looks and functions of Windows 10. New Start Menu is a welcome treat, and don’t be confused, which isn’t that found on previous versions of Windows, but in reality it is the new Windows 10 Start Menu with tiles which gives Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 users a good change to experience on top with new look and feel of the OS without actually installing it via USB or DVD ISO.


Notably, the transformation pack will offer a comprehensive ability to allow the user to roll back to the original settings, and this one is no different. It features a complete uninstall option to take you back to the previous state.


Windows 10 although available as a Technical Preview build for testing purposes only. Downloading and installing the Windows 10 TP is too much of a work for you, you can fully take advantage by downloading the transformation pack from here, which can apparently be removed easily later on. Transform your Windows to Windows 10 right now and share your thoughts as I’ve uploaded.

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