How To Setup Hotspot Shield Free VPN on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [Tutorial]

For secure browsing on your iOS devices we recently published a free virtual private network (VPN) app called Hotspot Shield which was released and available from the App store. Free VPN Services that now a days very common for multiple reasons, one is for  Official use, when you want to access your office network from you home and the second one is to access sites which are blocked in yor countries through these VPN from another Country.

We already wrote about some of the most popular and very useful and in other words the best Free VPN services which are now available. Already an user of an iOS devices like iPhone, or an iPad or an iPod Touch you will still need a VPN for several reasons. For allowing you for a secure browsing, you will need these VPN networks. Here’s something you might want to know about, so we have one of the best VPN service available for your iOS devices. Hotspot Shield a Free VPN service on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will be very useful and many don’t know how to set up, we are here to set you up, follow the instructions guide so that you can easily get VPN service on the said devices.

Step 1: Turn off WiFi, then find the VPN settings in Settings > General > Network > VPN > Add VPN Configuration:

Enter the following details:

Select the IPSec tab/pane
    Description: HotspotShield
    Account: n5tfrq
    Password: n5tfrq
    Use Certificate: OFF
    Group Name: hss
    Secret: hss

Step 2: Save the settings and hit on “Home” Button to quit. Make sure to turn Wi-Fi back “ON”.

Step 3: To activate Hotspot Shield on your iPhone, the VPN setting needs to be turned on.

Settings –> VPN –> ON

Hotspot Shield a Free VPN Service for iOS Download

After you enter the information correctly, your status will change to “Connected” and you’ll see a VPN icon appears at the top of iPhone tray. If you can’t connect, power off your Phone, and turn it back “On” and try again.

Hotspot Shield Works over 3G and WiFi Networks

If you are an U.S native and want to access US-IP only websites, then here’s the best way to access with Hotspot Shield VPN when enabled.

There are several users who want to Watch daily shows from the US, some are able to make better use of Skype app and worked for them without any problem and some are able to use Pandora, which is only available in the US app store and works only in the United States Of America in Canada.

While Hotspot Shield’s VPN did take a couple of tries though. There are several Login/password accounts provided, when one won’t work, then try another. The VPN doesn’t stay on forever as it turn itself off after some time. However, for a free VPN Solution on the iPhone, iPad, Hotspot Shiled boes the job for an immediate need.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iTunes Link)

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