How To Schedule SMS Text Messages On iPhone [No Jailbreak Required]

Want to schedule SMS text messages on your iPhone and have them sent automatically? While it’s not entirely a new one, but when it comes to iPhone, it is not that easy and tend to become a bit tricky. Jailbroken users have it done with some of the tweaks available, but those who don’t have jailbroken devices, having your iPhone automatically send a text at a specified time isn’t an easy task to achieve, even with the available third-party apps because of restrictions in place by Apple. One app is still there goes around Apple’s restrictions to help schedule and automatically send texts at specified time. Here we are going to look into this app.

The stock Messages app, however, doesn’t offer any way to schedule SMS or iMessage even though users have been requesting this feature for a long time now. Apple seems unfazed so far. This is where a third-party app named Delayd comes into play.

The functions of the app are designed with the no-nonsense approach and Delayd pretty much does as it says on the tin. There are several other apps on the App Store claiming to let you schedule an SMS and automatically have them sent at specified time, but they don’t really work as they claim.

Those who have tried some of the options will have noticed that while those apps do let you schedule texts, they prompt you with a notification for sending the text when it’s time, after which you will need to confirm and send the message manually. Not exactly automatic or is it? This is where Delayd app excels as it offers the ability to automatically deliver your scheduled message without you having to do anything.

Simply set a date and time – which can be adjusted by 15 minutes – hit the Schedule button and forget all about it, your work is done nicely. Once the message is delivered, you will be notified about it.

This app also lets you schedule messages which can be set to recur on different intervals. Delayd app neatly lays on the Scheduled, Sent, and Recurring on the main screen under their relevant tabs so you have a very clean layout of what’s going on. Furthermore, besides SMS text messages, there is also support for scheduling automatic sending of emails, Facebook status updates and even tweets on Twitter!

Moreover, due to restriction applicable by Apple, Delayd achieves automatic sending of scheduled SMS through a workaround which involves using its own servers to deliver all your scheduled text messages and emails, as a result of which the recipient cannot directly replay back to that number or email address as he or she cannot see your real number from where the message is sent.

Of course, you can include your number or email ID in the message so that recipient knows where it’s coming from and where to reply to but that’s not exactly ideal. More so, because Delayd uses its won servers, you will need to pay for credits as in-app purchases to schedule and send texts. 50 credits cost $0.99 and up to 500 credits costs about #3.99. Though the app does include 50 free credits for you to try when you download the app for the first without having to pay anything.

If you are delighted with what it offers and looking at to continue using the service after your 50 free credits are finished, you can simply choose to do so via an in-app purchase. (Via: TechGiri)

(Download: Delayd for iPhone from the iOS App Store)