How To Root Motorola Droid 4 With An Easy Guide

This article about rooting process the Motorola Droid 4 range of highly anticipated Android smartphone called Droid 4 XT894. For those owners of the recently released Droid 4 on Verizon Wireless would be excited to know that a new root for the device is now available.

Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX, and now Droid 4, a successor of Droid 3 costing around $200 with dual core 1.2GHz processor running Android 2.5.3 Gingerbread supporting 4G LTE networks is hard to resist for Sprint and Verizon users. Anyhow, the locked bootloader policy of Motorola may repeal those geeks who want to root their Android phones.

This root available news came straight from the vulnfactory’s security researcher , Dan Rosenberg – who found a root exploit on Motorola Droid 4 – but wanted to get bounty of $500 before releasing the exploit to public. However the experiment failed to get him bounty instead of he faced strong opposition from the Android users.

Have you thought about picking up a Droid 4 and have to have root access. Here’s the method for windows-only currently, but in  a very simple way. This excellent tool which will help Droid 4 users to root their phones considering the fact that there will be many custom ROMs one can install after rooting.

DISCLAIMER : Gragi will be not responsible for any data loss or the Motorola Droid 4 damaged when following the instructions, proceed at your own risk.

Note : Before going into procedure, you assume that you have backed up your device data, files, videos, photos, etc. Those back up data can be restored after rooting process done successfully.

Point 1 : Applying this procedure will root your device, which means once rooted, the warranty gets void, and to regain the warranty, you have to perform the original factory firmware again.

Point 2 : This is very important to note down, that you have to check the device’s battery left, minimum 60% and ensure that the phone doesn’t get turned off when you’re in the middle of rooting process.

Tutorial to root Motorola Droid 4 with a single click

Step 1 : Go to Settings > Applications > Development and now enable USB Debugging mode on your Droid.

Step 2 : Now connect your device to PC via USB

Step 3 : Download Droid 4 Rooting Package (Exploit for Windows), from here to your computer.

Step 4 : Extract file which you downloaded

Step 5 : Now Execute run.bat file and wait for it to complete the rest of the process.

Step 6 : Once the device is rooted successfully, Droid 4 will be rebooted. Ensure that you have restored all the data which you have backed up for your convenience.

If you followed the procedure of Rooting Motorola Droid 4 correctly, then you will see your device rooted successfully.