How To Install Nova Launcher On Android 4.0 ICS Smartphone [Tutorial]

Think you are an owner of Ice Cream Sandwich powered Android handset and looking for the great features that aren’t yet available in 4.0 ICS version such as, swiping, scrolling, gestures, multitouch, Custom Grid, Scrollable Dock, Scroll Effects, Infinite Scroll, Folder Icons, Backup/Restore, Gestures, Hide Apps, Dock Swipes, Additional Scroll Effects. Here’s the best ICS launcher called Nova for Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones now available from the Android Market for free and prime versions.

Nova Launcher installation requires rooted Android device, once installed you will be getting the above said those bunch of features such as below:

– Auto Rotate Setting and Widget Resizing
– Customizable Grid Sizes
– In-drawer for Widgets
– Resizable Information in Widget Drawer
– Edit App Shortcut Icon and Label
– Wallpaper Scrolling Patters and Cube Desktop Effects

Get started with Installoing Nova Launcher on your Rooted Ice Cream Sandwich smart devices

Step 1 : Download Nova Launcher APK file, also the Nova Launcher Zip file and the Nova Launcher Uninstaller Zip. Save it on your Computer. Now connect your phone to your PC using USB cable and then copy all those files you downloaded before into your handsets SD card.

Step 2 : Now navigate through the directory of your SD card. Locate the files you copied earlier. Tap on APK file to install the Nova Launcher onto your device.

Step 3 : Boot your smartphone in Recovery Mode. Select “Install Zip from SD card” then “Choose Zip from SD card”. Locate and select the Nova Launcher Zip file.

Step 4 : When the installation completes, simply “Go Back” and choose “Reboot System Now”.

If you followed the given steps correctly, your Android ICS device will be running with Nova Launcher. If you want to uninstall the said launcher, the first of all reboot in Recovery Mode. Select “Install Zip from SD card” and choose Zip from SD card. Now loacte and select the downloaded and copied Nova Launcher Uninstaller Zip file.

Wait until the uninstallation process complete, then once again go back and reboot your system now. That’s it the Nova Launcher from your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device is now uninstalled.

You can get both versions of Nova Launcher from the link below:

  • Download Nova Launcher [Android Market Link]
  • Download Nova Launcher Prime [Market Link]