How To Install iPhoto And iMovie App For iOS On iPad 1 [Tutorial]

Apple announced the latest model of the new iPad, release drawing ever closer, though the Fruit company has effectively put the original iPad out of reach by keeping the iMovie and iPhoto apps from it. However, the first generation iPad wouldn’t be supported to run them, but here’s the easiest way to get the newsest iPhoto app and iMovie app on the oldest iPad 1.

Well till now, all the owners of the first-gen iPad were likely dissapointed with the release of the new iPhoto and iMovie for iOS, both of which were designed for the newer devices.

Even not possible to purchase the latest iPhoto app and iMovie for the original iPad, you can still install both apps suing Apple’s iPhone Configuration utility, which is designed to be a tool for companies to use to install apps and configuration policy profiles to all of the iOS devices in use. This software is available for both Mac and Windows users.

After installation completes, simply plug your iPad into the Computer with USB and select each app that you want to manually install by adding them to the library.

Next, plug your iPad into your computer and sync-up with iTunes. After it’s finished syncing, launch the iPhone Configuration Utility and navigate over to the “Applications” tab on the left-hand side of the app. Click “Add” (at the top of the window), and find the new iPhoto app (for Mac users, the app should be saved in “Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications”) for Mac OS X users.

When you have managed to locate the application, you’ll need to get it on your first-generation iPad. To do this, click the name of your iPad in the left-hand panel (it should be listed just a little further down from the “Applications” tab – if you can’t see it, make sure you’ve connected it to your computer!) and, after having clicked your iPad’s name, view the “Applications” section.

Now scroll through the list of iPad applications until you find iPhoto, when found, simply click “Install.” In a few seconds, iPhoto will be installled on your first gen iPad!

Important Note : the next time when you sync with iTunes, you’ll be getting an error message telling you that your iPad isn’t authorized to use the iPhoto app. In order to get out of that message, just hit the “Cancel” button (authorizing the iPhoto app with your Apple ID won’t help). If you click on “Don’t Authorize,” iPhoto will be removed from your iPad and you’ll have to re-install it again.

The least problematic way to gain the best out of iPhoto is obviously to use it with a compatible iPad 2, or the beautiful new iPad when it eventually lands on our door mats, but until then this is a handy method to bypass those restrictions.

You can now download iPhoto via iTunes on your computer. You can purchase and download the app for $4.99. Then, download Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility (available for both Windows and OS X). Via