How To Install Android 4.0.3 ICS MIUI ROM On Galaxy S II [Tutorial]

Google has released the source code for its highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich some two months back, several developers have been restlessly experimenting in order to bring a range of Custom ROMs for those running certain Android devices.

CyanogenMod based custom ROM is called MIUI, and is one of the most popular custom builds to its awesome and distinct interface. Additional features such as better notification menu, enhanced Camera, Gallary and Music Apps as well.

We already shown you how to install MIUI on your HP TouchPad tablet, with the help of XDA-Developers, and however you can now install it on your Samsung Galaxy S II (S2). It’s well customized build, which will not disturb any basic functions in order to experience it, usually we are not too keen to advise you to test these custom ROMs on your primary device, because they are often full of bugs and unstable. This particular ROM is at version 2.1, so many of the usual caveats found in early alpha releases have been resolved.

If you already installed CyanogenMod on your Galaxy S II before, then you’ll need to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery, wipe /data and /cache partitions, before installing the downloaded .zip file from install zip from sdcard menu: similar work done in our previous tutorial: how to install CyanogenMd 7 (Alpha 3).

This the first time installing CyanogenMod, don’t panic, since installing MIUI on Galaxy S II isn’t that much difficult, You can check this guide how to install CyanogenMod (Alpha 11) for information on how you can install it with an ease.

Disclaimer : will not be held responsible for any damages you might do to your Samsung Galaxy S II by following the below tutorial. Flashing a custom ROM is generally a difficult job, although you should not have any issues with this build, yet please continue at your own risk!

Get started now, but Before you begin, make sure you’ve the following files at the ready:

* charge your Samsung Galaxy S II to 100%
* flash/install ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) on your Android device. If you haven’t done this already, this would be a good time.

Step 1 : Download the via this link. The file is over 100MB, so may take a few moments for those on slower connections.

Step 2 : Once the download is complete, copy the .zip file to /sdcard.

Step 3 : Boot your Galaxy SII into Recovery Mode.

Step 4 : Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, and then go to Mounts and Storage and select Wipe System.

Step 5 : Install zip from sdcard – Version 2.1.

Step 6 : Wipe Data/Factory Reset once more.

Step 7 : Reboot your device, and you should be good to go.

If you’ve followed the tutorial step by step, your device shroud boot into Android 4.0.3 ICS MIUI Custom ROM. In case of any issues, please check the official XDA thread.

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