How To Get Unlimited Data Usage Plan On Verizon Wireless [Trick]

As you all are aware of Verizon’s unlimited data plans, which was officially stopped in last year July. But with a simple trick that can get the unlimited plan back again, even though if you  buy iPhone after the plans are expired. How? That’s what we are going to discuss now in this post. Details after the jump!

This trick or you can call it a method has worked for various devices including iPhones and other Android devices. Forgot to mention that its just a trick not a hack, however Verizon wireless reserves the right to cut the data plan at any time any day. This guide was published by Silk Deals and followed by Android advices.

Now starting the how to tutorial:

Step 1 : Dial *611 from your Verizon handset which you have, or you can also call on 1800 922 0204.

Step 2 : The computer CSR will popup the main menu, wait for it and you will be reeding your Verizon phone number and account PIN or the last 4 digit of your SIM.

Step 3 : Now select option 4

Step 4 : Now Say “Add Feature” when prompted you this “what would you like to today”, then your call will be transferred to a live Verizon Customer service representative.

Step 5 : Many of the phones are now 3G devices and say to the customer service representative that you will like to add $20 2GB 3G mobile hotspot feature to your phone. You will be charged $ 20 per month in addition to $ 29.99 unlimited data plan.

Step 6: If you are having an 4G device you will have to add $30 unlimited mobile hotspot feature. According to Stop the Cap  when you add this MHS feature, you will be charged $ 30 per month separately charged which different from $ 29.99 charged for unlimited data plan.

Step 7 : Once the MHS feature addded to your account you will be charged with a $29.99 unlimited data plan. This can be clarified via My Verizon app on your phone or a

Step 8 : Optionally, you can remove the Mobile Hotspot ffeature from the account, though the unlimited $29.99 data plan should remain in your account activated.

Step 9 : customer representative says that they can’t add this feature to your plans and suggest you to go with data + mobile hotspot services together in a bundled plan then just hang up your phone and repeat these steps again.

This article was found very useful or any issues occurs, please head over to this link here. Don’t forget to comment. Here’s how to get an Verizon unlimited data usage plan trick ready for you to apply.