How To Get 5GB Of Free Space On Dropbox Using Its Latest Beta Release For Windows [Tutorial]

Dropbox as you know is the most popular file-hosting and file-syncing services which seamelessly syncs files, and works on bunch of platforms and, in addition to the frree 2GB space, now the company gives away the chance to grab extra free space to users every one.

Few days ago, the company released a Beta version of their app on Android. Along with a beta version on the desktop which gives away 500MB of free space (upto 5GB) every time you upload 500MB worh pictures or Videos.

An awesome loophole of sorts was discovered by the team that lets you skip the tedious uploading of 5GB of images/videos to get straight to the lovely 5GB of free space. Very best tricks ever after the jump!

Here’s what you need right now, to follow this simple method:

* A removable media storage device of 5GB or more memory [external hard disk or Memory card]
* Dropbox 1.3.13
* Windows 7

Well! this is only for Windows users, but not supported by the OS X and Linux users. While the method has been confirmed to work only on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP supports. Because of a service called AutoPlay which scans removable media and gives options to the users to play/display the content inside it.

Step 1 : Download and install Dropbox 1.3.13 (Beta) [Official Thread]

Step 2 : Create a folder called DCIM and place 5GB or greater amount of photos. \

Step 3 : Transfer DCIM to a removable media such as a microSD card, external HDD or a USB flash drive. Place this folder in the uppermost directory.

Step 4 : Eject the removable media. Insert it back once again.

Step 5 : If on your computer, Autoplay enabled, this following menu will show up.

Click on Dropbox Import pictures and videos and wait for the pictures and videos to be imported. Because 5GB is a considerable amount of pictures/videos, this process can take time.

Note : If Dropbox doesn’t increase your storage after you have completed above step, follow the step below.

Step 6 : Delete all files inside the Camera Upload folder.

Wait i only used 2.5GB of free space, but it can provide you upto 5GB extra free space.

It’s working perfect and we can confirm it 100% WORKING. Truely I now 8.5GB of space on the Dropbox. Get yours before Dropbox patches this loophole. Stay tuned for more tricks. Via

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